Smart Phones

Every year it seems that more and more technology, more portability and more potential is packed into smart phones. From the iPhone to the Blackberry, these devices are changing the way the business world does business. We’ve been promised for years now that the modern office environment would soon be a thing of the past, and now with this latest generation of smart phone, that might actually be true. You can be on a beach in Hawaii and carry on almost all of the business you would if you were back in Montana. Here are a few tips for those folks trying to figure out how to master their new smart phone.

First off, read the instructions. It is difficult to think of anything more boring than reading the instructions, but these phones are so packed with features, there is no way you’ll really be able to master everything unless you know where everything is. You’ll hate it at first, but you’ll thank yourself later for putting up with the dull instructions and tedious writing.

Learn to master a few features first instead of trying to use every bell and whistle on your phone from day one. You probably have a good idea what you’ll be using your phone for before you buy it, so master how to send email or how to use the Bluetooth features before you delve into every other option. Once you have the essentials down, it’ll be easier figuring out everything else.

Once you know the layout of your phone, don’t be shy about going online and looking at all of the available applications. This is especially true of the iPhone. There are literally dozens of new applications coming out each and every day, many of which are incredibly useful. You’ll probably end up with a few stinkers before you find ones that you love, but don’t let that scare you off. The wide range of aps is half the fun of having a modern smart phone.

Finally, don’t be afraid to turn your smart phone off once in a while. They can become all-consuming if you let them. Let your time at home be just that.