Web Design Tips

Free Versus Paid

There are countless websites on the World Wide Web today and trying to get yours out there to be seen presents some challenges as a result. However, before you begin to worry about whether or not your Austin web site design will be appreciated, you need to design which web host to use. There are many free web design services available, which allow an individual or business to create a website at no cost. However, there are some drawbacks to going this route.

The advantage of a free host is obvious- no cost- however, most of these will require that you run your site as a sub-domain of their site. That means that your photography studio’s website it not going to be www.photography_in_austin.com, but instead www.somefreewebhost.com/photography_in_austin. While this is not necessarily a horrible thing, it does make it more difficult for customers to remember the name of your website. Furthermore, free web hosts generally provide limited space, which means that your site can only grow to a certain point and then you will have to start over on a new domain, and you will likely have to have advertisements on your site because you are not paying for it.

Meanwhile, while not free, paid Austin Texas Website Designers can be inexpensive. The costs do vary from the web developer Austin competition, so look around and weigh your options, but do be aware that you can get a .com domain name for under fifteen dollars per month, which will provide you much greater space for development of your site and no advertisements, unless you choose to include them.

Keeping it Creative

If you are a blog site, an interest website, or aiming for business web design you are among millions, which means you must strive to stand out among a tremendous crowd in a Austin SEO company. While unusual fonts and bright colors can work to your benefit, they are not enough to make your site something special. While it can be tempting to simply use the catalogs of generic images available via most webhosts, do not fall victim to this trap. Used in moderation, these images are fine, but they should not make up the majority of your site. If you are from the Georgetown, Texas area, for instance, walk around with your camera and take photos of nearby landmarks that have to do with your business or theme. You don’t even have to limit yourself to that city- consider
nearby areas, where other readers or customers may hail from, such as Westlake, Leander, or Buda. You might even incorporate your company’s branding in the photos somehow. Images are what will capture a viewer’s eye first, so make yours worth looking at.Your text should be interesting as well. Avoid overused phrased. Choose something unique about your company and make that a theme throughout the site. Think about Snapple, with their “We’re Number 2” slogan. It stood out, because it wasn’t something anyone else was saying.

Keeping it Current

An excellent way to ensure that people continue to return to your site is to keep your information current. There is nothing worse than being led to a website only to find that the information was last updated two years before. Though it takes time to update your site, it can work to your advantage. People do not turn to print media for their news as much anymore. It is faster and easier to look to the internet. That means that you can be a supplier of industry related news. Run a newsletter monthly or bimonthly on your site and send the link to customers to keep them up to date on what is happening in the industry and within web development companies. It’s a great way to advertise inexpensively.

This is one area where web design templates can be highly beneficial. While you will want your newsletter to be as creative as the rest of your site,
templates are available which provide a layout for placement of text and pictures, which will save you time and frustration in the long run, but will not
take too much away in the way of creative license. Choose titles that are in line with your business or theme. For instance, the food photography Austin studio mentioned before might write about a new camera that is
expected to hit the markets, what advantages it holds for professional photographers, and when it will be available in the Round Rock area. They might also
include an article on outdoor photography for beginners- a sort of “how-to” article. To be sure that your newsletter reaches its full potential, use SEO
writing techniques to draw in interested readers, who may also benefit from your website’s offerings. Include related terms- picture, camera, flash- and places- Dallas, Cedar Park.

How To Guides and Tutorials

Just as your company may offer tutorials at your downtown location for the less experienced crowd, there are how-to guides and tutorials for people who are unsure on how to begin their website. If you are prepared to put in the time and effort to build a great site, but just need a little push in the right direction, take a look around on logos Austin. There are hundreds of websites and even videos that will get you started.

Hiring a Helping Hand

For those who are simply lost when it comes to all things technological, or for those who simply cannot dedicate the time that it takes to build a site, there are web writer companies available for hire. These services can be extremely helpful in getting your company the best web site possible, but they do not come cheap and not all are created equally. If you are in the market for web design services, make sure to do your homework. Price out a few of the local web designers and make sure to ask to see examples of their work. Do not stop at looking at the sites they provide as examples, try searching for them as well. Pick a couple related keywords and go to Yahoo or Google and search those words to see if the website comes up on the list of results. Good web designers are experts at SEO and will ensure their sites land near the top every time.